Laboratory Manager / Quality Management System Manager

The Laboratory Manager / QMS Manager position requires the following qualifications:

  • Must have at least 5 years experience performing various asphalt, earthwork, concrete, masonry, cement, and aggregate testing, both in the field and the laboratory.

  • Must be thoroughly familiar with AASHTO, ASTM, and FDOT procedures and specifications. Must be qualified by governing authority (AASHTO, ASTM and/or FDOT) for specific tests.

  • Must be a motivated individual with excellent oral and written communication skills.

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  • The Laboratory Manager / QMS Manager supervises laboratory testing technicians and is responsible for implementing, maintaining, reviewing and, if necessary, revising the Quality Management System procedures.
Please Submit Resumes to:
Deatrick Engineering Associates. Inc.
9425 Tradeport Drive, Orlando, Florida 32827
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